Saint Louis King of France Parish

A Short History of Saint Louis King of France Parish Bayou Blue, LA In 1912 the Bayou Blue Community began being served by Father J.M. Evano who was the pastor of St. Bridget in Schriever. The celebration of Masses commenced twice a month at the Gros General Merchandise Store and catechetical instruction classes were formed for the parishioners. From that time, priests cared for the souls in what would become St. Louis King of France Parish in 1965. On September 20, 1913, where the present church stands, the land was purchased for $170 from Andre' and Lina Dupre. In 1914 parishioners using monies raised from two fairs ($650) and volunteer labor began construction on the chapel, but unfortunately, a storm in 1915 destroyed their efforts. Immediately after the storm, they began rebuilding. The new mission had 70 families registered. On August 25, 1926, another storm destroyed the chapel, but by 1928 a new chapel was constructed and was dedicated on February 27, 1928, by Archbishop John W. Shaw. In August of 1955 the land where the rectory is located was purchased for $700 from Mr. Andre' Dupre. In 1962 the chapel was enlarged for additional seating on each side, the building was bricked, and the interior was renovated at a cost of $23,000. On January 2, 1965, Saint Louis Mission was established as a parish with Father S.J. Manikowski as its founder and 175 families. In September 1965 the rectory was completed at a cost of $26,400. On May 28, 1969, the property where the parish hall stands was donated by Mrs. Margaret Daspit. In 1976 the parish hall was completed for a cost of $88,259.02 without furnishings. In the early 1980’s the church was expanded again to include a very spacious vestibule for gathering before and after Mass and the parking lots were paved. The parish then acquired additional land from the Daspit family at a cost of $280,000. The church parish has constantly maintained a beautiful cemetery from the earliest days beginning in 1912. By God’s grace and blessings, the people have supported this parish from its beginning by their worship of God, hearing the Word of God, and celebrating the Sacraments. From 70 families in 1925, the parish now has more than 1,100 families registered. These families through the years have contributed their time, talent, and treasure to make this parish a strong and vibrant presence in the community. Along with their commitment, we have had many parish festivals to make improvements to the life of this parish community.